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Crane Inspections and Preventive Maintenance

An active inspection and preventive maintenance program is crucial to improving safety and productivity. Regular inspections and preventive maintenance activities help identify risks and opportunities for improvement while supporting compliance.

Crane inspections are designed to assess the safety of equipment, detect wear and tear and identify maintenance needs for safe, productive operation. Inspections can also verify that your equipment complies with current local standards and regulations, helping you avoid costly fines and disruption of operations.

In addition to regular crane inspections it is beneficial to develop a comprehensive plan of preventive maintenance, scheduled repairs and advanced services that take a deeper look at your crane and its components. With a coordinated program, you can more effectively maintain a safer, more reliable and compliant operation.

Remote Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance

Remote Monitoring is a key element of predictive maintenance. Remote monitoring is used to collect equipment condition and usage data which combined with your inspection and maintenance information enables a comprehensive view and analysis of equipment condition, maintenance and operation

Remote Monitoring provides you with crane usage and operating data to help you plan and schedule preventive maintenance. Brake Monitoring provides continuous knowledge of brake condition and detects brake faults. Remote Support gives you 24/7 access to a global network of crane experts and specialists, offering problem solving and troubleshooting to help reduce unplanned downtime

Predictive maintenance utilizes condition monitoring, advanced inspections, and data analytics to predict component or equipment failure. You can take advantage of predictive maintenance with our CARE Preventive/Predictive Maintenance program, helping you further optimize maintenance activities, reduce unplanned downtime and improve equipment safety, productivity and lifecycle value.

Retrofits & Corrective Maintenance

Retrofits are an efficient option to replace components or add current technology to your existing overhead crane. Common retrofits include replacement of hoists, components, electrics and/or controls, addition of new features, and/or technology upgrades and up-dates. Retrofits typically require minimal downtime, engineering and pre-planning.

Corrective Maintenance is carried out after a fault is detected and is aimed at restoring your crane to a condition in which it can perform its intended function. Timely repair of known faults reduces the likelihood of emergency breakdowns and is often mandated by regulation.

  • Minimize downtime with planned repairs
  • Extend the lifetime of your equipment
  • Expertise

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