Single Girder EOT Crane

Our cranes are distinguished by the specially developed OVAL profile. The stability of this particular shape guarantees high reliability. The low dead weight and low wheel loads save costs in building and runway construction.

Since the hoist of the OVALplus* is guided sideways of the girder, the hook is located alongside the girder in its highest position (see picture below). This design reduces the overall height or allows an increase of the lifting height or a lower ceiling height.

Double Girder EOT Crane

For medium up to high capacities and medium up to large spans: Our double girder overhead cranes are designed and manufactured individually according to your wishes and requirements. We rely on standardised and proven components from our modular system and can thereby offer tailor-made solutions at competitive terms!

The parallel arrangement of two OVAL girders allows the use of our double girder cranes for heavy-load applications such as in foundries, turbine installation and maintenance and machine construction.

Particularly for high capacities and large spans, the OVAL girder profile leads to a significant reduction of dead weight and installation dimensions. Its high stability allows capacities of up to 350 tons or spans of up to 50 meters


Heavy duty applications

Our overhead cranes are specifically designed and built to meet your needs and specifications for medium to high capacity and medium to big spans. We rely on standardized and tested components from our modular system, which allows us to provide customized solutions at affordable prices.

Our Overhead cranes can be used for heavy-load applications as in foundries, turbine installation and maintenance, and machine construction thanks to the parallel arrangement of two OVAL girders.

The OVAL girder profile significantly reduces dead weight and installation dimensions, especially for high capacity and wide spans. Due to its great stability, it can support spans or capacities of up to 350 tons.


The streamlined OVAL profile of the girder reduces the contact surface for wind in contrast to conventional box girder designs. Our pillar jib cranes are particularly attractive for marinas to lift boats and yachts. The crane can also be used in workshops to quickly move heavy goods. We implement customised solutions for capacities up to 63 tons or jib lengths up to 10 m.

  • Jib length up to 10 meters
  • Capacities up to 63 tons
  • Less load on the slewing motor and brake due to the streamlined profile
  • Less abrasion by weather conditions
  • Suitable best for outdoor operations
  • Resistant against weather and maritime climate conditions


The special design will not only save weight in the range of the crane girder, but also at the pillars. Unlike other designs, our single girder gantry cranes require only two supporting pillars. At the lower section, the pillars are shaped oval and parallel to the crane track to protect the crane against lateral buckling. At the top of the crane however, the pillars are oval and parallel to the main girders to increase the stability in the direction of the main girders. The results of these exceptional characteristics are high stability in all directions with a low dead weight in contrast to conventional systems.

The OVAL profile also avoids water deposits on the crane and protects the steel structure against rust. The aerodynamically favorable properties of the girder and the pillars prevent the drive units from damage by reducing the wind loads. Because of these properties our gantry cranes are best suitable for outdoor operations.

Our innovative double girder gantry cranes use the stable OVAL profile not only for the crane girders, but also for the pillars. Round shapes and durable constructions are characteristic for our gantry cranes in patented design. In addition to weight savings and the high stability the OVAL profile also provides good aerodynamic characteristics and prevents the girders from corrosion by water or dirt sedimentation. These properties make our double girder gantry cranes best suitable for outdoor operations.

The double girder gantry cranes feature the familiar benefits of the single girder gantry cranes and allow also heavy-duty applications by the use of a parallel arrangement of two OVAL profile girders. Consequently, capacities of up to 350 tons and spans of up to 50 meters are possible. Due to the modular system our double girder gantry cranes are specially designed according to your needs.

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