Explosion Proof

Supply of 35 nos of Explosion Proof Cranes for Defense department. When we received the order from the defense department, we had to strictly obey the period for each lot of crane to be delivered throughout Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi (Defense Bases).

Over Head Crane

19 nos of Overhead Cranes to be installed in DEWA desalination plant & custom engineered to be installed for compact shed size, humid & corrosive environment of the desalinization Plant

Turbine Building Crane

140T Turbine Overhead Crane supplied to DEWA with Air Conditioned Cabin and all the major features for the Crane. DEWA’s requirement of multiple crane for the Turbine room was special & challenging for us. Since, the requirement being from DEWA, the standard to be maintained along with all the features & documentation was extraordinary.

Gantry Crane

10T & 20T Gantry Crane installed for production purposes of swimming pools going to be installed in major resorts. The customer required the standard yet highly urgent order of 2 gantry cranes of 10T & 20T.

Customized Gantry Crane

One of the Largest Special Gantry crane
complete turnkey solution for the installation & maintenance of whole major machineries.
One of the Largest Gantry Crane (45T), standing at enormous height of 50 meter and span of 67 meter. Client had a unique & special requirement of 2 Gantry cranes to cover the entire span of the plant by Gantry Crane.

Jib Crane

Special-purpose, heavy-duty, reliable JIB crane with a load carrying capability of 4 tons or more are designed, produced, installed, and certified for marine applications where lifting is beyond 20 Mtr.

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